At ZDental, we know your smile is important to you. It’s one of the biggest defining features of your face, and when you lose a tooth (or multiple teeth), it can have an enormous impact on your self-esteem. Luckily, there are many options for replacing missing teeth. Dentures, crowns, and bridges can all be used to restore your smile to its former glory. Of course, all of those restorative methods have some drawbacks. That’s why we would like to tell you more about the gold standard of tooth restoration: dental implants. This is the most permanent, low-maintenance, and natural-looking method of tooth replacement and the tooth restoration specialists at ZDental can help you decide if it’s right for you. Here’s more about dental implants:

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant actually refers to a replacement for your natural tooth’s root. When you opt for dental implant surgery, your dentist will drill a hole in your jawbone so that a titanium rod can be inserted. Once you heal, the titanium rod will be a permanent part of your jawbone, and a solid foundation for your new artificial tooth. Your replacement tooth can be made to match the appearance of your original tooth, or it can be made to correct any imperfections. This new tooth will look, feel, and perform just like a real tooth, and because it’s firmly rooted in your jawbone, you won’t have to worry about it falling out like dentures, crowns, and bridges.

Advantages of Dental Implants

There’s a reason why dental implants are considered the best method for replacing missing teeth. As we mentioned earlier, they’re durable, look natural, and perform exactly like real teeth. You also won’t have to worry about taking them out for cleaning; your dental implant is a permanent part of your mouth and can be cleaned just like your other teeth.

For patients who need to have all their teeth replaced, dental implants offer significant advantages to overdentures. Dentures can be uncomfortable, they can rub, and they can fall out when you’re trying to eat or talk. They also need daily cleaning and regular maintenance to prevent odors and yellowing. Finally, dentures are not permanent. You will need a new set every so often.

Crowns and bridges also have a few disadvantages. In order to install a bridge, some of your healthy teeth will need to be ground down so a crown can be placed on top. Crowns and bridges can also get food particles lodged underneath them and they may not perfectly match the appearance of your natural teeth. They can even break, meaning they will need to be replaced.

Dental implants, on the other hand, have their own attachment point so you can leave your healthy teeth intact. They won’t rub or be uncomfortable, can be cleaned in the same manner as natural teeth, and are unlikely to break or fall out.

How to Get Dental Implants

After hearing about all the advantages of dental implants, you’re probably interested in learning more. ZDental offers dental implants in Philadelphia, PA and other dentistry services to residents of New Jersey and the Philadelphia area. Get in touch with us to find out about dental implant options and pricing. Head over to our contact page to find the location nearest you and give us a call for your dental implant evaluation today!