When it comes to dealing with oral health issues like impacted teeth, damaged teeth, gingivitis, and more, dental professionals like the ones at ZDental will do everything they can to save your tooth.  Of course, in some cases, a tooth extraction is the only option.  When the root of a tooth is damaged, it’s too badly impacted, or the surrounding gum tissue is not healthy enough to support it, removing a tooth or teeth may be an appropriate course of action.  The good news is that tooth extraction is a routine procedure with a high success rate, as long as you follow all your dentist’s recommendations for aftercare.  If you’ve had a tooth extraction in Philadelphia or you have one scheduled in the future, here are some aftercare tips from the expert dentists and hygienists at ZDental:

1-2 Days after Extraction

In the immediate aftermath of your tooth extraction, it’s important to focus on forming a blood clot that will allow your empty socket to heal properly.  There will likely be some bleeding in the first few days, so after leaving your first gauze pad in place for a few hours, change it whenever it becomes saturated or soiled.  Resist the temptation to rinse, spit, swish, gargle, brush, or do anything else that could dislodge the clot or prevent it from forming.  You should also avoid any activities that would put pressure on the clot, like using a straw, blowing your nose, vaping, or smoking.  Caring for the blood clot in the first few days will allow you to heal more quickly and avoid a painful dry socket.

3 Days after Extraction and Beyond

Once your clot has formed, continue to follow all the recommendations for days 1-2, although you will now be able to brush and floss as usual.  Just take care to completely avoid the extracted tooth area when performing routine cleaning.  Instead, rinse the area using warm saline solution or a pinch of salt dissolved in warm water.  Not only will a saline rinse prevent infection by killing bacteria, it can also provide temporary pain relief.  As you continue to heal, be sure to eat only soft foods that don’t need to be chewed much.  Avoid hard foods like chips as well as foods containing nuts or other small particles like seeds that could become lodged in the empty tooth socket.

Aftercare for Multiple Tooth Extractions and Wisdom Teeth

When multiple teeth are removed at once, all of the above instructions still apply; just be aware that aftercare may vary depending on the  location and types of teeth removed.  While the extraction site of a smaller tooth may be able to heal in 3-10 days, molars and wisdom teeth can take up to 2 weeks or longer.  In these cases, your dentist will likely provide special aftercare instructions, so be sure to follow them at all times to give yourself the best chance of healing quickly.

While the phrase “pulling teeth” has become synonymous with a difficult and painful task, it’s really nothing to be afraid of.  Follow the aftercare instructions listed above as well as any specific instruction provided by your dentist.  If you’re a Philadelphia area or New Jersey resident who needs a tooth extraction, be sure to call the talented team at ZDental!  Visit our contact page to find the location in Pennsylvania or New Jersey that’s closest to you and give us a call.  We’ll take excellent care of you and provide you with all the information you need to make a quick recovery.